Pakistan is seeing it’s second Student Solidarity March on Friday November 29t. Students from across the nation will be partaking on various campuses in an effort to improve education and academic environments.

Since it’s inception last year, there has been much controversy surrounding the event. ProperGaanda will be speaking to various attendees in an effort to uncover the controversy and criticism surrounding the historic event.

This is why Faisal Shaam Lalani is marching.

“As a student of history, I believe that all the revolutions and changes in any society or state is brought by the students! This Student Solidarity March is about our rights and I don’t want to lack behind while my fellow students are marching and protesting for “our” rights”.

“It’s against the fees hikes, supports our representation and talks about free and transparent education system. I am sure this is a spark of educational and political revolution of our students that’s why I want to March!”

Faisal Shaam Lalani is a student of GC Lahore and Spokesperson of Kalani Study Circle, field of interest is Literature, History and Religions.

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