Self-styled Khan’s Army General Dr. Farhan Virk, MBBS, PTI, WTF, protested outside the Ministry of Information after Prime Minister Imran Khan selected ex-Google employee Tania Aidrus to lead the Digital Pakistan initiative to improve the country’s digital infrastructure.

Virk said in a statement to the press, “I spent five long years of my life getting seven thousand trending hashtags in favor of Prime Minister Khan. Surely this should have proved my capability to head the entire nation as it advances into the digital age. Instead, I have been betrayed by members of the cabinet who favored a girl over me. Just because she is prettier than I am, she got the job. I know this is Jahangir Tareen’s fault, Prime Minister Khan would never betray me like this.”

He asked his Social Media Army to “get out your keyboards and make #IAmPrettierThanTaniaAidrus trend” so that Prime Minister Imran Khan would take notice of his plight and restore him to his rightful position as Pakistan’s most important social media personality.


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