The Punjab Institute of Cardiology’s emergency ward is set to reopen tonight at 8pm following the violent lawyers’ attack that took place on Wednesday.

When the hospital was attacked on Wednesday, it was forced to close for the safety of the patients. During the attack, protesters beat up doctors, damaged the building and medical equipment and interfered with the care of the patients. Due to this recklessness, three patients ended up dying in the incident.

It was announced that the emergency ward would be reopened tonight at 8pm once the destroyed equipment, machinery and furniture are replaced. For now, only a small amount of patients are being treated at the Cardiac Care Unit (CCU). The Cardiac Care Unit is a special ward in the hospital which specialises in the care of patients suffering from extreme cardiac conditions that require continuous monitoring and treatment.

Following the Wednesday attack outside the hospital and subsequent shutting down of the ward, eight patients in critical condition were urgently shifted to Mayo Hospital and ten were admitted to the cardiac ward at Jinnah Hospital. Other patients were also shifted to Services Hospital and Sheikh Zayed Hospital.

The Punjab Institute of Cardiology is the largest cardiac hospital in the whole of Punjab. Following it’s closure on Wednesday, hundreds of ailing patients had to leave the hospital without receiving treatment or seeing doctors on Thursday and Friday. In the aftermath of the attack, the Rangers and police have been stationed outside the hospital all day to ensure the safety of the patients.

Doctors and paramedical staff had also staged protests against the attack. They will be holding another protest on Friday evening during which they will pay tribute to those who died during the attack.

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