Lahore: Punjab Institute of Cardiology (PIC) a government run hospital faces loss of Rs 7 million. This happened after violent lawyers attacked the hospital said the PIC officials.

Dr Saqib Shafiq, Chief executive of PIC in an interview told how the Rs 7 million loss includes damages to the main building, medical equipment and doctors’ vehicles parked outside.

On Wednesday mob of lawyers attacked the hospital. This ‘Peaceful’ protest turned into violent soon. Angry lawyers were seen throwing stones at glass windows and damaging hospital property.

They also snatched a patients oxygen masks and another’s IV drip. Dr Shafiq confirmed due to such barbaric actions two people died in the emergency ward. Three others were taken to other hospitals where they died. Even days after the incident people are scared to resume work.

“On the day of the attack, former inspector general police Nasir Durrani’s mother had come to the hospital for a blood test,” the doctor said, “even her car was not spared by the lawyers.”


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