The world’s largest cricket stadium is set to be built in Ahmedabad, India with space for an audience of about 11,0000.

The stadium is expected to hold it’s first international match in early 2020. The cost of the enormous Ahmedabad stadium is rumoured to be around $100 million. The stadium is expected to accommodate more fans than Australia’s Melbourne Cricket Ground which can seat about 100,000 spectators.

The stadium will be called the Sardar Petal Stadium and according to reports, it is aiming to host its first ever international match in March 2020 with an exhibition game between Asia X1 and a World X1 as the inaugural game.

The stadium will have more than 70 corporate boxes, four dressing rooms, a clubhouse and an Olympic-size swimming pool. Its construction began in January 2017.

It will overtake Kolkata’s Eden Gardens, currently India’s biggest stadium with a capacity of 66,000 — down from 100,000 after a major rebuilding project.

India, the world’s top-ranked Test team, has more than a dozen stadiums capable of holding international cricket matches. Test matches, however, often attract sparse crowds.

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