The proxy war continues as a European group unveils a number of fake network of NGO’s and media outlets run by India spreading misinformation against Pakistan. This influence Pakistan’s relations with European Union (EU) and United States.

The ‘EU DisinfoLab’ is a group which actively counters sham campaigns run against EU online by misleading users with its controversial content.

During the initial stages of the investigation ‘EU DisinfoLab’ found around 265 ‘fake’ news outlets which were running content online to harm the relations between Pakistan, EU and United States. This information was first gathered in November. The mastermind behind this scheme came out to be India as per investigation.

Fake media outlets copy pasted anti-Pakistan content which was later shared by politicians and think tanks supporting Indian geopolitical interests.

This anti-Pakistan content was then shared on rest of the Indian network including fake outlets such as EP Today, Times of Geneva, and New Delhi Times. Most websites had Twitter presence as well.

The offline proxy war continued in the form of NGO’s, a full report which was published by ‘EU DisinfoLab’ on Monday explained how Indian network assisted by ‘fake’ NGOs and organisations responsible for anti-Pakistan lobbying events in Europe. The events were then given media coverage by the ‘fake’ news outlets.

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