The PTI government has announced that they will be defending former president and military ruler Pervez Musharraf during the hearing of an appeal on the verdict of the death penalty against him.

Attorney General Anwar Mansoor said, “I will defend the law in the case but not any individual,” during a late-night press conference that he addressed alongside Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Information Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan.

He further added that the former president had not received the right of fair trial during the case which was tried at a special court and that the judgement was announced in absentia without recording the statement of the accused.

Pervez Musharraf, who ruled Pakistan from 1999 to 2008, has been entangled in a long drawn out high treason case against his imposition of emergency law and suspension of the Pakistani constitution in 2007. The verdict of the case was announced yesterday when it was revealed that Musharraf would be receiving the death penalty under Article 6 of the Pakistani constitution.

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