Donald Trump made history yesterday by becoming the third sitting US president to get impeached by the White House. What happens next?

Trump is expected to stand trial in the Republican-led Senate beginning in early January. If he is convicted, he will be removed from office.

Impeachment managers will be selected

The House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, will select a team of “impeachment managers” to make the case against Trump in the Senate trial next month. After that the 100 senators — 53 Republicans and 47 Democrats — will sit in judgement where 67 of them need to find him guilty in order to remove him from office. It’s worth noting that this seems unlikely given the fact that the Republicans are the majority in the Senate.

The Senate Trial

Due to the majority of the Republicans, they have the autonomy to decide if witnesses can be called, and which ones, how long prosecutors can take to present their case and how long the trial will last.

If the Senate doesn’t want to try Trump at all, it can simply dismiss the case, by a simple majority vote. Given Trumps political hold over his party, it’s very likely that the trail will end in an acquittal.

“We’ll be working through this process, hopefully in a fairly short period of time, in total coordination with White House counsel’s office and the people who are representing the president in the well of the Senate,” the upper chamber’s Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said this week. He further added that there is “zero chance” that the president will be removed from office.

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