In the wake of the lawyers’ threat, doctors are feeling less and less secure in hospitals. 

Thus, resulting in doctors seeking security from the police. On December 20th, 2019 in the letter No 74643-48 to the DPO, the Principal of SZMCH, Prof Dr Mukhtar has requested security for the staff, doctors and everyone representing the hospital. He also wrote about how concerned everyone is about their security following the threats lawyers gave them through video messages and social media.  

In the letter he writes,  

“The doctors have shown concern that such a behaviour could destroy the peaceful atmosphere of the institution. In order to maintain the discipline in the SZMCH due to their (lawyers) unlawful activities, it is very necessary to provide the security on a priority basis.”  

This request for security stemmed out of fear after the lawyers’ protest outside PIC on 11th Dec 2019 which turned violent and resulted in the death of three patients. However, the protestors claimed that they were on a mission to avenge a group of lawyers who had been beaten up at the PIC a few weeks ago, soon after some video clips went viral on the social media. The video clips showed some doctors making fun of the lawyers after hospital staff had thrashed a group of lawyers.  

YDA SZMCH chapter president Asif Ali Mughal has also written a letter to the chief minister requesting him to denotify Board of Management member Hassan Mustafa who is also the president of the RYK District Bar Association.  

He claimed in his letter that Hassan Mustafa was the one who passed the resolution against the doctors causing unrest in the community. He says that Hassan Mustafa should have been more responsible and played a more positive role to create harmony between the doctors and the lawyers.  

The director of Security at SZMCH Dr Hafiz Umar Jamil confided in Dawn that some lawyers had threatened the doctors on their phones. He also said that he has enhanced the level of security at the hospital and wants 50 more security guards for patrolling purposes.  

Meanwhile, RYK DBA general secretary Imran Ashraf on the behalf of the president told this correspondent that the lawyers had always given respect to the doctors who appear in courts for evidence but now they would not be provided chairs. The Bar president also said that no protocol would be given to the doctors either.  

Zeeshan Mehmood Randhawa, the DPO spokesperson claims that police are ensuring security of the staff and doctors at the hospital.