On Monday, Iqbal was arrested from the anti-corruption watchdog’s Rawalpindi office. Iqbal is accused of using funds from the federal government and the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) for a sports city being established in Narowal.

One day after his arrest he appeared in front of the accountability court. The court granted NAB 13 day physical remand till January 6. Judge Mohammed Bashir presided over the proceedings.

Ahsan Iqbal spoke to the media before the hearing. He said, “I accept the punishment if I am being punished for speaking out in favour of the death sentence handed to Gen Pervez Musharraf”.

Adding on, he said, “I accept the punishment if I was arrested for fulfilling my promises to the people of Narowal. But, if by arresting me they think they can stop me from speaking out against Imran Ahmed Niazi [Prime Minister Imran Khan], that is not acceptable.”

PML-N spokesperson Maryam Aurangzeb also addressed the media outside the court. She said, “The soldiers of Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, who are standing up for the rights of the people, are being arrested one by one.”

She also maintained, “Today when Ahsan Iqbal was presented before the court, NAB did not have any evidence against him. The same story, which has been circulating for the past several months, was heard again today regarding misuse of authority. A real misuse of authority is to use the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to persecute your political opponents”

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