You may have seen tweets about long vs short haircuts going around on twitter, and wondered what this new trend is about. Don’t worry, we’ve got your back and are here to tell you all about it.

The trend started with the following tweet which reads

can i start a thread of people showing their major haircuts…like actually major…

This tweet has been liked by more than 280k people, with 34.7k retweets and about 12.6k people have replied to it.

This new twitter trend has hit Pakistan too and major public figures like Iman S and Eman Suleman have also posted pictures of their major haircuts.

Eman Suleman

Eman Suleman, an actress, a model and a very vocal feminist is known for her bold choices. The actress recently cut all of her hair and we mean literally all of her hair. However, we can’t say she doesn’t rocks the short hair look.

She’s participated in the trend too, and be it with long or short hair, we stan Eman Suleman either way.

Iman S

However, it was Iman S who prompted Eman Suleman to participate in the trend as it can be seen that the latter was quoting a tweet by the former. Iman S is a writer and an activist.

Reason behind the trend going viral

Internet has seen a lot of the before vs after trends, but this new twitter trend doesn’t fit into that category. The trend is solely based on getting major haircuts and though that might not seem very special at first but if you give it a thought, there might actually be an entire history of social constructs behind it.

You see, the trend was mostly carried on by women/girls. Girls are usually associated with long hair and a girl with short hair is dubbed a tomboy. In a society such as ours, getting a bold haircut is like making a statement and breaking gender binary roles.

It’s no wonder that the post started to trend, major haircuts are extremely liberating. It can feel cathartic to get rid of the old and embrace something new. The drastic change makes you feel like you’re in control. While hair seems like a silly thing to feel in control over, but sometimes the simple act of making a decision is empowering.

And at the end of the day, it’s your hair. Who cares if it’s short or long-this is about what you want, not what society thinks is best.