Foolproof security measures and a traffic plan are currently being put in place for the PPP rally at Liaquat Bagh on Friday.

Almost one-kilometer area around Liaquat Bagh, starting from Marrir Chowk, Committee Chowk and Fawwara Chowk, is guarded by law enforcement and plainclothes security officials.

Security measures include sharpshooters deployed on rooftops of surrounding buildings. Arteries leading to Murree Road blocked with razor wire and everybody walking towards Liaquat Bagh subjected to a body search.

Jammers and walk-through have been put in place at the venue of the rally. Hundreds of police, elite force commandos, policewomen and Special Branch officials will provide security to the participants.

As for the traffic, the City Traffic Police have chalked out an alternative traffic plan and deployed around 200 personnel and officers to maintain traffic.


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