Jamshed Mehmood had earlier in October told the media that thirteen years ago he had been raped by a “media giant.”

At that point, social media started going viral with possible suggestions and trying to connect all the dots regarding Jami’s tweet about his rapist. Unfortunately, after a few media speculations his story was taken down by all the media hubs: The News , GEO and Dawn who had initially posted articles about this were now silent on the issue.

Following this, in another tweet Jami posted, “So story taken down by almost all channels at same time! Thats no error. Thats the power I was talking about. Where r the truth hunters?” In short, he questioned the ones who preach “morality” and “justice “?

He specifically posted about Dawn News- questioning as to why they took down the story? Dawn was silent; there was no answer. On other posts he gave all the hints but he didn’t name the perpetrator due to the backlash he would receive because of the alleged rapist’s ‘powerful’ status in the media industry.

However, on 28th December 2019, he finally took to twitter and disclosed the name of his perpetrator as Hameed Haroon-the CEO of Dawn Media Group.


Since that day, he has taken to twitter and has been questioning the media for not reporting it and for having the audacity to question the establishment power and be silent when it comes to questioning their own hierarchy.


A few people came out in his support.


Recently, Nida Kirmani tweeted unravelling the complex relationship between ‘rape’, ‘coercion’ and ‘power’.

Furthermore, one supporter also pointed the silence of the rest of the media groups.

However, there is still a brooding silence coming from some of the main news reporting groups. ProperGaanda reached out to Dawn News for comment on the matter twice, but has not heard back.

This is a developing story.

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