The 2010s have been quite the decade in the realm of fashion, with entire infrastructures of how people sell, shop and market products completely changed. With internet shopping becoming the norm, the more traditional retail business started to tank.

With the rise of e-commerce fashion became more dramatic. High end brands opened up stores on Instagram and Facebook and started to recruit instagram influencers for advertising purposes.

Then came in the celebrity air-port looks. People started buying expensive but simple stuff that looked causal yet expensive. Then with shows like Stranger Things nostalgia became the rage and everyone was all of a sudden back in love with 90’s fashion.

To sum it up, this decade has been a whirlwind of fashion trends. From extremely decorated looks to just logos, we are listing down the biggest fashion trends of this decade.

Athletic Wear

Also termed as athleisure, this trend made the technical and athletic attire the everyday wear. This trend hasn’t really died down. Yoga pants and leggings became the go-to style for women from the gym to the grocery store. Eventually, the one-note look evolved and took on a life of its own, becoming adopted for all genders and blurring the lines between sportswear and lifestyle pieces.

Millennial Pink

This trend as the name suggests depicts everything that millennials are. Ansgty yet aesthetic. Everything from bags to shoes to bandanas everything was dyed in a peachy pastel shade.

Fashion Collaborations

This became the most normal thing ever this decade. Every other day you’d get to see a certain celebrity collaborating with a high end luxury brand to launch a collaborative collection.

The Kanye and Kim Look

Though many of you may not what this trend is by the name but we’re sure that you’ve partaken in this one. This trend was based on this Hollywood couple’s minimalist style. Sweatpants and sneakers in minimalistic shades of nude would become one of the decade’s most coveted “it” looks.


The category in itself is no novelty, having been around for decades already, but as athleisure seeped its way into the mainstream, streetwear also became the norm. Brands like Supreme started to commercialise on the streetwear with producing only a few articles every collection and pricing them at high rates. With only a few articles available, the hype for these brands grew and everyone wanted to have the newest collection.


HAMBURG, GERMANY – OCTOBER 08: Aylin Koenig wearing a Jacquemus mini bag, Fendi Poncho, latex pants from topshop, Dior boots, Cartier jewelry and a Celine sunglasses on October 08, 2018 in Hamburg. (Photo by Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images)

In the second half of the decade, 90’s fashion came back in a full swing. With the retro look becoming trendy again, logo’s made their way to the main fashion front. Throwback apparel and accessories like fanny packs and dad shoes were plastered with repeating brand emblems, recalling the retro trend’s glory days

Post Modern Fashion

This past decade had gone from modern to becoming post modern. The fashion for this time needed to adapt to everything post modernism entails. Fashion started to become a way to tell an individuals narrative. This trend also gave rise to Unisex wear as gender identities were getting questioned.

Ugly Shoes

Remember when ugly shoes and crocs weren’t deemed cool? Well this past decade wasn’t that time. All of a sudden crocs were the coolest thing and brands started to churn out the most ugliest shoes.

Woke Clothes

In this decade ignorance had no place. Staying woke became the new thing. And what better way to make a statement about certain prejudices and practices than fashion?!

The woke trend constituted of shirts having revolutionary poetry written on them. Clothes with texts supporting certain movements became the norm. Every store had girl power and women empowerment shirts, shoes and accessories etc.


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