A video of former cricketer Shahid Afridi is making rounds on the internet where he confesses to smashing the television in his home out of anger.

Former skipper Shahid Afridi has been the target of intense backlash after an old video of him went viral where he confesses to smashing his television out of anger towards his daughter.

In the video, Afridi explains that he smashed the TV because his daughter was watching an Indian television series and imitating an “aarti” scene, which is a Hindu religious worship. The former cricketer was asked whether he’s ever broken the TV out of anger to which he replied, “I have broken the TV once. Broke the TV because of my wife. There were a lot of these Star Plus dramas that were quite popular. I use to tell my wife to watch it alone and not let the kids watch. Once I came out of the room and saw one of my kids copying an ‘aarti’ scene while watching a Star Plus show. I looked at her and then smashed the TV into the wall”.

Following the resurfacing of this video, Afridi has been the subject of intense backlash on Twitter. He has yet to make a statement regarding the old interview.

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