You must’ve seen South Asian legends like Edhi in western attire and wondered who could’ve thought to do this.

Well, we managed to get ahold of DigInk, as his instagram handle entails. He is the illustrator and graphic designer behind these oddball posts. DigInk also has a keen fixation on the Kardarshians. Though we’re not complaining because not only is his work phenomenally good, it is weirdly addictive.

We got in contact with the artist himself and asked him the most random questions ever. However, he was nice enough to indulge in our randomness.

What does DigInk even mean? Digital Ink? Really? Or sid you just want to sound cool?

“So I think it does! To be honest – I didn’t come up with the name! I asked on Facebook on what should I name my page cause I was using my name first and I didn’t want to do that-so my cousin came up with digink! (I have to say that legally or else he’ll take 50%)”

Do you have an unhealthy obsession with the Kardashian family?

“I think it’s gotten to a stage now that kafi bura hogaya hai. I never really followed KUWTK but now I pretty much know kya scene hai with pretty much all the sisters and their significant others. Plus Kendall Jenner.”

What were you tripping on when you made this?

“Don’t really take any substances , that I know of…”

“But like giraffes and rickshaws are such opposite things so I thought that they’ll go together. I think this pretty much sums up the whole vibe of digink-two things that don’t go together but somehow look ok . Plus Swinnery’s alien is my spiritual animal so matlab space chaiye.”

Kya ap apnay ap ko aik artist zada ya thora famous graphic designer smajhtay hain?

Dono nahi tbh. I’m more of an influencer jis kay pas abhi tak influence nahi hai. But famous saroon ka goal hi hai-like people would be lying if they said they don’t want to be famous due to their work-but ma ki dua sey kuch ban hi gaya hoon.”

Instagram feed dekh ker lagta hai ap kabhi nahi parhtay, last time pass kab hoye thay?

Abbi tak parh ri raha hoon-pass honay par comment nahi karoon ga. Next question.”

How real is the bromance in Pakistan?

“Pretty real. This is for all the bros-who love their bros-who can’t live without their bros. Bros before Bros.”

Which hate comment has scared the pants off you and which one has made you laugh the most?

“So none of the hate comments have actually scared me. Like I’ve always gone in on the hate comments-I’ll always try to come up with something to write back to the comments.” 

“The “illuminati” ones are by far my favourite cause only like 20% of the people know how to spell illuminati”. I’ve gotten people like “are you illuminte?”, “Are you illumanta?” – plus it’s become such a running joke of not only my page by other artists aswell! So it’s a good laugh.”

Paisa kitna hai ismay? 

Koi paisa nahi hai. I’m still waiting on getting paid from a big soda company, I don’t know if I should say the name but it rhymes with Poka Pola…so if someone from their team is reading this email ka jawab dey do.”

Are you too haram for Ramadan?

Vibes ab aati hain.”

Is digInk your alter ego, ya awien side ki hobby? 

“It started pretty much as a hobby but I think I’ve personally grown into it.”

Sab Sai gandi Gali konsi ati Hai?

“Jee mein gali nahi deyta. Kya Waqar zaka question tha – yeh kon likh raha hai?”

Beta app baray kab ho gay? 

“Abbi bhi wait kar raha hoon.” 

“If Rohan can turn into Hrithik Roshan I can do something too. Magar if aunties are reading this rishta bhej dhen dms mein.”

Logoun kai samnay shoki kessay martay ho keh you run digink!?

“So I usually don’t say it but my phone cover is the digink phone cover of the woman giving her daughter vodka (available in the online shop) so people pretty much see that and go like that’s a dope cover & then I get into the whole story of digink-so guys; phone covers are a very good conversation starter.”

And finally, kabhi bachpan mai darakh charha?!

“Nahi. Kabhi Bachpan mai bahir nahi gaya tha. Abhi tak pata nahi hai sunlight kya hoti hai.”

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