This Friday marked the deadliest day for protesters of the Indian government’s controversial Citizenship Amendment Act when police clashed with protesters resulting in six people ending up dead and dozens more injured.

Standoffs took place at police barricades in half a dozen towns in Uttar Pradesh where there have long been tensions between majority Hindus and minority Muslims.

At least 6 people died and a further 32 were injured in clashes between police and stone-throwing protesters. According to Reuters, Uttar Pradesh police chief O P Singh called Friday the deadliest day for protesters of the CAA.

Singh further clarified that none of the deaths that took place Friday were a result of police brutality and 144 people were arrested during the clash. With the latest fatalities, the total number of deaths during the nationwide demonstrations, now in their second week, stands at 13.

The backlash against the law pushed through parliament by the Hindu nationalist government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on December 11 marks the strongest show of dissent since he was first elected in 2014.

The legislation makes it easier for people from non-Muslim minorities in Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan who settled in India prior to 2015 to obtain Indian citizenship.

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