The Japanese company, Sony, which is best known for its PlayStation games consoles and high-end televisions, revealed the Vision S concept saloon.

The prototype boasts 33 sensors to monitor inside and outside of the car, as well as an ultra-wide monitor which will be used for entertainment and information purposes.

Sony chief executive Kenichiro Yoshida said that cars will be redefined as a “new entertainment space”.

“To deepen our understanding of cars in terms of their design and technologies we gave a shape to our vision,” Mr Yoshida told the tech conference in Las Vegas.

“This prototype embodies our commitment to the future of mobility and contains an array of Sony technologies.”

The new concept car also features “360 reality audio”, which Mr Yoshida says will give users an “immersive experience”.

Vision S is powered by a newly-designed electric vehicle platform that can be applied to other vehicle types such as SUVs. Sony suggested the new system has been engineered by automotive supplier Magna and that it will be able to constantly update the car through cloud connectivity.

The exterior of the car was presented in two-tone with a gun-metal grey body and glossy black roof, bearing similar hallmarks to the Porsche Panamera saloon in its appearance. 

Mr Yoshida closed out an impressive show for Sony with the Vision S. The company also unveiled the new logo for the PlayStation 5 and committed to the Christmas 2020 release date.

No details on how the new console will look have been revealed but Sony has said that it will boast 8K graphics as well as quick solid state drives to reduce load times.

Sony also revealed that it has sold more than five million PlayStation VR headsets since their debut in 2016.


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