More than a month after the Capital Development Authority had informed a parliamentary committee that the military wanted Monal Restaurant back, the leaseholder of the restaurant has started paying monthly rent to the Remount Veterinary and Farms Directorate GHQ Rawalpindi (DG RV&F GHQ).

According to a report in The Nation, the leaseholder of the Monal Restaurant has made rental payments between Rs0.5 million to 1 million to the DG RV&F GHQ for the months from September to December.

In 2016, the Pakistan Army claimed that the land had been allotted to Military Farms Rawalpindi in 1910 by the then government of Punjab.

Subsequently, in a meeting chaired by the Ministry of Defence, it was decided that the land be given back to the DG RV&F GHQ.

The owner wrote to the CDA and Islamabad mayor in order to seek guidance on the claim made by GHQ but the authority did not reply. Due to both authorities not replying on the matter, the leaseholder started paying monthly rent to the DG RV&F GHQ.


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