Former president Pervez Musharraf on Thursday approached the Supreme Court to challenge the ruling of a special court that had handed him a death sentence on charges of high treason late last year. 

Barrister Salman Safdar, the counsel for the former military dictator, submitted the petition challenging the special court verdict in the top court today. In the petition, the former president urged the Supreme Court to declare the special court ruling null and void. 

The special court had on December 17 convicted Musharraf for high treason under Article 6 of the Constitution and handed him the death penalty on five counts in a 2-1 majority verdict. Subsequently, Musharraf had approached the Lahore High Court (LHC) with three petitions against the conviction. 

Do you think the verdict for Musharraf’s case will be carried out?

On Dec 17, the three member bench of the special court sentenced the former president Pervez Musharraf to death. It was a historic moment in Pakistan’s judiciary history. However, there are little chances of the judgement being carried out.

A few days ago LHC declared the special court unconstitutional. Now Musharraf has approached the Supreme Court. How we see it, the case is going to drag for another couple of years because how could Pakistan convict a military officer!


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