Prime Minister Imran Khan made a statement about the political affairs of India claiming that it was a tragedy that the region has been “taken over” by the extremist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

What exactly did he say?

During an interview with German broadcaster Deutsche Wells, the former cricketer said that India has been taken over by an extremist ideology known as Hindutva. He further claimed this ideology is inspired by German Nazis and the foundation for this ideology is the belief in racial supremacy.

“It is a tragedy for India — and for its neighbours — that the country has been taken over by RSS, an organisation which also assassinated the great Mahatma Gandhi. A nuclear-armed country is being run by extremists, and Kashmir has been under siege for over five months,” he said.

What’s the context?

The PM made these remarks in response to questions about tensions in South Asia and the occupation of Kashmir by Indian troops. “Just as the Nazi ideology was built on hatred for minorities, the RSS ideology is also based on hatred for Muslims and other minorities, including Christians,” said the premier.

“I was the first leader to warn the world about what is happening in India. India has been taken over by an extremist ideology known as Hindutva. It is the ideology of RSS. The RSS, a political organisation founded in 1925, inspired by the German Nazis,” he noted.

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