Shehzil Malik, a pakistan based artist also known for her artwork for the aurat march, tweeted about a San Francisco based company using her designs illegally.

ShopVida, a company found by a Pakistani woman- Umaimah Mendhro, commissions artists to design for them and then pays them only 1% commission. However, they insist on paying them through PayPal, a service which is unavailable in Pakistan. The artists end up getting no money, while the company keeps on selling their designs illegally.

Shehzil in her tweet writes, “On a company @shopVIDA exploiting artists and illegally selling my work. Angry and frustrated by a company founded by a Pakistani woman @umaimah that claims to socially responsible.”

Why is art theft so rampant?

It’s no new news that a company has stolen designs an artist and is selling them without the artist getting paid. There are so many small and big businesses running by exploiting underrated artists. Do you think this is labor exploitation? Is there a way to stop it? Let us know in the comments down below.


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