Jalila Haider, a human rights activist who is known for her vocal support for the suffering Hazara community, was detained on the Lahore airport. The officials said that her name was on the ECL for taking part in anti-state activities. The activist was leaving Pakistan on the account of attending a conference in London.

Jalila took to social media to let everyone know that she had been detained. She writes, ‘I am stopped at lahore airport while proceeding to UK. They mentioned that my name is placed in ECL due to anti state activity.’

Other activists such as Ammar Ali Jan have also taken to their social media accounts to voice out their opinion on this wrong detention.

It is being reported that the officials have told her that she would be handed over to the ISI. ISI however, has no legal mandate to detain or interrogate a citizen. Thus making Jalila Haider’s detention illegal and unjust.

Does freedom of speech really exists in Pakistan?

This is not the first time that a Human Rights activist has been detained or held into interrogation for speaking against the atrocities happening in Pakistan. This leads us to think, is freedom of speech even valued here? Every citizen has the right and freedom to life and liberty, however, the constant taking down of the activists in Pakistan suggests otherwise.


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