Federal Minister for Water Resources Faisal Vawda was a dual national at the time of filing his nomination papers to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to contest the 2018 general elections.

The minister, was a United States national at the time of filing nomination papers, the report revealed.

Vawda submitted his nomination papers on June 11, 2018, which were approved by the election body a week later on June 18, the report said. However, the PTI MNA applied for the renunciation of his nationality with the US consulate at Karachi four days after the fact on June 22, 2018, the report revealed.

According to the law, dual nationals are not allowed to contest elections unless they give up their secondary nationality. The Supreme Court had in 2018 disqualified two lawmakers, Haroon Akhtar and Saadia Abbasi, for holding dual nationalities at the time of filing papers to the Election Commission of Pakistan.

How much more embarrassing can Faisal Vawda get for PTI?

It seems like everyday we learn something new about Faisal Vawda. Only a few days ago he was making headlines for bringing a boot to a live broadcast, and now his nomination has turned out to be illegal. How will the government react to this? Will Faisal Vawda be stripped off of his Minister status? Let us know in the comments below.

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