On an event organised by Chennai Citizen Forum, the Indian Union Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman said that as many as 2838 Pakistani’s, 914 Afghans and 172 Bangladeshi’s had been given citizenship in last six years.

She further added, “Obviously some of them were Muslims too.” To sport this claim she read from a report that said 566 Muslims from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan were given citizenship since 2014.

Nirmala Sitharaman, the Union Fiance Minister, also said that the opposition is trying to distort the truth. “All questions raised in the Parliament about the CAA have been answered. Political parties can make their statements by passing resolutions against CAA in the assembly. ”

In response to States not implementing the CAA, she said that the States cannot do that as it’s against the law and constitution. “The CAA is to offer citizenship and not to deny citizenship to anyone, ” she said.

What impact will the CAA’s implementation have on Pakistan?

PM Imran Khan has time and again mentioned how the CAA is discriminating against Muslims and has shown support against the Modi government. However, will Pakistan accommodate the Muslims that’ll be deported from India?