PM’s Special Assistant, Dr. Firdous Awan donated blood at an even held on Sunday for raising awareness for patients with thallasaimia. However, the “symbolic” blood donation backfired as the internet is accusing her of faking it.

There are pictures and footage of an event organised by Sundas Foundation in Lahore on Saturday that went viral on social media, in which Firdous Awan can be seen sitting on a chair surrounded by medical staff while posing as if she was donating blood.

An infusion set without needle was placed on her arm, other side of which was connected to an already filled blood bag.

However, twitter was quick to spot out these details and started calling out PM’s assistant for faking the blood donation.

Firdous Awan also took to twitter to defend herself. She said that the event was held do that more people could gain awareness about thallasaemia patients and aid them with donating blood. All the pictures and videos indicating that she had faked the blood donation are, in her words, wrongly presented in the social media.

Is there any credibility left in politicians?

The Faisal Vawda’s boot incident hadn’t really died down yet, that PTI has faced another embarrassment. However, this “blood donation” incident forces us to think about the real intentions of the politicians who claim to be socially aware. What use is social work if it’s only for show. And why has social work become a political agenda?