The National Curriculum Council of the Ministry of Federal Education has proposed the first draft of Single National Curriculum for students of Grade Pre-I to XII. The proposal has recommended English as the only medium of instruction ignoring all the mother languages of Pakistan.

The first attempt of the federal government to form a uniform curriculum for schools across the country is not short of loopholes. Presently, various mediums of instruction were being followed in all federating units owing to Pakistan being a multilingual country. The ministry wished to achieve national integrity and cohesion through bringing uniformity in thoughts on all national issues, interests and problems.

One of the members of the committee from Sindh had also rejected the first draft of the proposed national curriculum for ignoring their mother language, Sindhi. “The government wants to achieve social cohesion; it should include mother languages of all federating units. We have timely pointed out our apprehensions regarding ignoring mother languages,” he added.

Will the single curriculum policy work?

Though the government is striving for social cohesion but that won’t be possible by implementing a single curriculum. The single curriculum won’t elevate the social inequality in Pakistan.