In a recent turn of events, filmmaker Sarmad Khoosat posted a statement on his social media regarding the meet and greets that were supposed to take place in Karachi. The events had promised to include  the cast from his upcoming film Zindagi Tamasha, along with Khoosat himself.

However, the organisers have suddenly announced the cancellation of all the meet and greets that were scheduled, without providing any explanation whatsoever.

“We would like to apologize to Karachi today because all the meet and greets with the cast and crew of Zindagi Tamasha have been cancelled for now.” the post went to say “We will hopefully reschedule the meet ups with you all. Love, team Khoosat Films.”

Earlier this week he penned down an open letter to the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, regarding the problems his film was facing.

According to him, there was an ongoing attempt to prevent the film from releasing at all. Khoosat’s letter explained how Zindagi Tamasha is yet again being prevented from release after the first complaint against it was entertained in a law-abiding manner.

Why is Zindagi Tamasha facing such backlash?

It’s really astounding that the movie is receiving such backlash even before it’s release. This goes to say how much Pakistan actually needs movies like Zindagi Tamasha in order to educate the masses.


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