Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday met with several heads of digital and technology firms, including Christian Klein, the chief operating officer of SAP — a European software cooperation, Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube and Joe Kaeser, CEO of Siemens.

In the meeting held on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Klein “expressed SAP’s commitment to train young software engineers in Germany and using them for software development in Pakistan”, a tweet from the Prime Minister’s office said.

Joe Kaeser, CEO of Siemens called on Prime Minister Imran Khan at Davos, on the sidelines of WEF. While appreciating the long association of Siemens with Pakistan’s energy sector, Prime Minister Imran stated that skills development of youth is among top priorities of the government. In this regard, the prime minister expressed his desire for Siemens to introduce high technology skills training programs for Pakistani engineers under the ‘Hunarmand Jawan’ programme. Prime Minister Imran also extended an invitation to the CEO of Siemens to visit Pakistan.

Susan Wojcicki, CEO of YouTube also called on Prime Minister Imran Khan in Davos. According to a press release, discussions on utilising digital platforms for building Pakistan’s image were held. The Pakistani entourage also discussed the possibilities of promoting tourism, education and attracting investment through digital platforms.

Is Pakistan finally heading towards development?

Seeing as how big tech firms have spoken to the PM, it is very likely that they’ll take up his offer and invest in Pakistan. And if that happens, the growth in Pakistan’s tech industry will be immense.


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