Yasmeen Lari, Pakistan’s first-ever female architect, was named the 2020 recipient of the Jane Drew Prize, the Architects’ Journal. The 79-year-old Lari was honored with the lifetime achievement prize for raising the profile of women practicing in architecture and design through her work.

The prize is part of the Architects’ Journal and Architectural Record’s W Awards, formerly known as the Women in Architecture Awards. 

Why female talent goes unnoticed?

The answer is quite simple, it’s because of gender inequality. And the gender gap in Pakistan is huge. Pakistan is a predominantly patriarchal society and men are given preference in everything. Architecture is seen as a male’s profession and women are discouraged to pursue it. However, women are as capable of being as popular and good at their professions as men. Yasmeen Lari is an example of the hidden female talent of Pakistan. And it’s about time that Pakistan acknowledges this talent.