Two sisters who protested at the Anti-CAA protests told HuffPost India about the horrors women had to face during the protests at the hands of the police.

“You won’t believe this but there were a few police constables who picked up the burning logs and tried to attack the women with them. The logs were not on fire but there was still smoke coming from them. My cousin sister was hit on the head with the log. My sister was hit on the head and back with a lathi. I was hit on the back with a lathi”.

In addition to the pushing, shoving, and beating, the sisters alleged that the male and female constables “touched the women in an obscene way,” and carried on doing it even after they yelled at them and complained to officials present at the protest site

Will the BJP govt ever give in?

The chances of Modi’s govt to actually take back the law are close to none. Though there have been mass protests against the the Citizenship law, they don’t hold much ground other than symbolic. The only way for the law to get revoked is if it’s challenged in the court. But seeing as how the opposition in India has chosen to side with the status quo and not use this opportunity to back these protests, the chances of the law being challenged are very low. Just recently Supreme Court of India refused to put any any stay on the law and has even extended the time given to BJP to explain what the law is about. The future for India’s secularism looks very bleak.


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