Nearly 400 million gallons of untreated sewage is being dumped into the sea on daily basis while a treatment plant S-III project was started 12 years ago but is yet to be completed.

This poses a serious threat to the aqua life. It is observed that various kinds of Aquatic plants were perishing, causing scarcity of food for the small species of sea which ultimately threatened the life of big species. The reproduction of tortoise was also compromised due to marine pollution.

Why is Pollution so rampant in Pakistan?

Little attention was paid to pollution and environmental issues in Pakistan until the early 1990s. Related concerns, such as sanitation and potable water, received earlier scrutiny. Furthermore, researchers at the Pakistan Medical Research Council, recognizing that a large proportion of diseases in Pakistan are caused by the consumption of polluted water. Even the 38 percent of the population that receives its water through pipelines runs the risk of consuming seriously contaminated water, although the problem varies by area. In Punjab, for example, as much as 90 percent of drinking water comes from groundwater, as compared with only 9 percent in Sindh.


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