Canada’s first case of the deadly coronavirus that has killed more than 40 people was confirmed on Saturday.

Not a lot of details are yet known but health officials said a man in his 50s travelled to Toronto from Wuhan, China, where the virus first surfaced. The patient is in isolation in stable condition in a Toronto hospital, health officials said.

Is it possible for the coronavirus to spread in Pakistan?

Yes, it is. Recently it was reported that a Chinese man in Multan has coronavirus. Since Pakistan does not has the technology and means to identify the deadly virus, the case is still just a presumption. However, there are chances of the virus to spread in Pakistan. Every week 41 direct or indirect flights from China come to Pakistan. That brings an influx of Chinese people to Pakistan many of which are coming from Wuhan. And all the cases that have been identified with Coronavirus are of the people that have recently travelled to Wuhan.


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