Six major political groups of the 27-member European Parliament have tabled a resolution condemning the Indian Citizenship Act 2019, urging India to retract the controversial law deeming it discriminatory towards Muslims and other minorities.

What was in the EU’s resolution?

The resolution further expressed concern that aside from the CAA, the Indian government’s push for a nationwide citizenship verification process known as the NRC, is intended to strip Muslims of their citizenship rights while protecting those of Hindus and other non-Muslims.

The resolution also condemns the violence and systematic brutality being carried out by the Indian authorities against those who are protesting against CAA. The resolution calls on the Indian authorities to end such policies.

Other key takeaways from the resolution

Moreover, the resolution regrets that a religious criterion has become the basis of India’s naturalization and refugee process. The resolution predicts that the CAA will create the largest statelessness crisis in the world and lead to immense human suffering.

It further adds that the United Nations has expressed concerns regarding the CAA and the violence that has followed its implementation. And that the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights has held that the CAA is ‘fundamentally discriminatory in nature’.

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