More than 10,000 personnel of the Punjab police deputed for the security of nearly 4,000 Chinese experts at various sites of CPEC across the province have been declared vulnerable to coronavirus.

Special Protection Unit (SPU) Director/DIG Umer Sheikh in a letter to Inspector General of Punjab Police Shoaib Dastgir has sought medical advice and logistic support for over 10,000 police personnel of the unit guarding Chinese engineers and experts across the province. He stated that the SPU is unit of Punjab police responsible for providing security to the foreigners, especially Chinese nationals across the province. “As the Chinese move in and out on daily basis in Pakistan it may also spread in our country and our constabulary,” reads the letter of the SPU DIG.

What are the chances of Coronavirus spreading in Pakistan?

Its very likely that coronavirus can spread in Pakistan and that is why everyone should take preventive measures. As Pakistan does not even have the technology to diagnose the virus, we stand a disadvantage. The virus has spread across US, Thailand, France and Canada. The reason behind was a visiting infected person from China. Pakistan also has a lot of visitors from China and the officials need to start monitoring them.