Japan and the US have airlifted hundreds of their citizens from Wuhan, the epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, as officials in China said the death toll from the disease had risen sharply overnight to 132, with nearly 1,500 new cases in the country.

A government-chartered plane carrying 206 Japanese nationals arrived in Tokyo from Wuhan on Wednesday morning. Officials in the US, meanwhile, said a chartered plane had left Wuhan earlier on Wednesday with about 200 US citizens onboard, including staff from the local US consulate. Australia is also going to fly out 600 of theirs citizens from Wuhan.

Will Pakistan be evacuating Pakistani students?

There are about 300 students in Wuhan. They have pleaded the government to evacuate them however, there has been no response from the government. No case of coronavirus has been identified in Pakistan. But there is still need for preventive measures to be taken as the cases identified around the world are due to visitors coming in from Wuhan.


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