Senator Bernie Sanders has vowed to undo the “racist” immigration policies of President Donald Trump if his presidential bid is successful, while a new poll shows him racing into a significant lead in the New Hampshire Democratic primary.

“My first executive orders will be to reverse every single thing President Trump has done to demonize and harm immigrants, including his racist and disgusting Muslim ban,” Sanders tweeted Monday.

Will Bernie Sanders election as a president help the Muslims?

Immigration is one of many areas where the policies of Sanders stand in stark contrast to those of Trump. Proposals from Sanders include a moratorium on deportations pending a review of current practices, ending “the barbaric practice of ripping children from their parents and locking children in cages.” He has also promised to reinstate and expand former President Barack Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which was cancelled by Trump, although subject to a pending U.S. Supreme Court case.


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