We’re all guilty of wanting to get out of Pakistan, but there’s this one person – can we even call him a person? – who actually wanted to come to Pakistan. Go figure. So, he comes and unsurprisingly he’s very disappointed.

In Lahore “oxygen ki kummi and bezaiqa biryani” and in Karachi “pocket chor hi bohat hain but at least khana acha hai”. If you’ve still not figured out who’re we’re talking about, it’s none other than Swineryy’s alien. We all know he’s fed up with humans coming to Mars in search of water and absolutely livid over people attempting to land on the moon, but not everyone knows what he’s really like.


The alien is a traveller but what kind?

He’s the imaginative and curious traveller. Figures, because he wants to know why everyone seems to be running away from Earth. However, his travel to Pakistan was a big disappointment.


But we’re sure he’d have imagined the travel to be more fruitful than it turned out to be. Imagine living on only the moon without any “bijli, oxygen and pani”. There’s only so much an alien can take, so he decided to escape only to a far worse place.

A foul-mouthed alien

Swineryy’s alien is quite different from the only other desi alien that we know – jadoo. Unlike jadoo, he is foul mouthed, curses in alomst every 5 seconds and is very opinionated. He also seems to be short-tempered and impatient, and probably is a diva too. Because lets be honest, Pakistan isn’t as bad as he makes it out to be!

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