A Pakistani student, who arrived in Karachi on Thursday from the coronavirus-hit city of Wuhan in China, has been admitted for monitoring to an isolation ward of a private hospital in the port city.

A high-ranking official of the health department in Sindh told The News on Friday that the student, identified as Arsalan, will be kept in the isolation ward of the hospital at least 14 days for monitoring. “A sample of a bodily fluid of the student has been dispatched to Islamabad for tests related to the coronavirus. If the sample comes back negative, the student might be discharged earlier,” the official said. 

Will Pakistan be evacuating Pakistani’s from Wuhan?

Pakistan now not only has a thousand students studying in China but about 300 of them are in Wuhan. They have pleaded with the government to get them out of Wuhan but there’s been no response. Additionally, some top athletes from Pakistan are also stuck in China due to flight operations problem. Seeing as how Pakistan has halted flights from China, there isn’t much hope for those stuck in Wuhan.


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