As reported by The Express Tribune, 20-year-old Sumail Hassan Syed has been listed as one of the top-earning players with around $3.6 million earnings to date.

Hassan made history in 2015 when he helped his team, Evil Geniuses’, claim the Defense of the Ancient 2 (Dota 2) Asian championship in China. He is also the youngest gamer to surpass the $1 million (£769,000) in earnings, Hassan is one of the most sought after players on the gaming block with been featured in Time Magazine’s top 30 influential teenagers of 2016.

Can gaming be pursued as a career?

Pakistan is home to many gamers, but it is not a gaming house just yet. With China, Korea and in some instances Japan dominating the Asian e-Sports region, Pakistan is currently nowhere near the same level of play as the other regions. This may sound odd but some professional gamers actually earn way more than our highest earning doctors and engineers. Pakistan’s very own Sumail Hassan who has so far earned $3,265,914.94. for himself just by playing a video game. We’ll save ourselves the trouble of converting that to Pakistani Rupees and let you do the honors. Now if you thought that is too much you should know how much professional DOTA 2 player Kuro Takhasomi has made by gaming. So far he has actually earned $4,097,926.95. The list of gamers who earn this much or less goes on and if we start naming all of them then this article would be way too long for you to finish in one go. Not only do exceptional players earn from winning, streaming also brings them heavy bucks, if you don’t already know, Fortnite streamer Ninja actually makes $500,000 per month.


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