Special Assistant to Prime Minister on National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination Dr Zafar Mirza said on Monday that Pakistan has acquired medical kits that perform specific diagnosis for the coronavirus, adding that till now, there has been not a single confirmed case of the disease in the country.

He added that seven people were under observation for the virus across Pakistan. “The good news is that all of their tests came negative,” said Dr Mirza. The SAPM said that the government has reviewed the situation in the provinces and will work upon measures to be taken within 24 hours. “As flights from China to Pakistan resumed from today, I was personally present with my teams at the airport to receive the passengers and not a single suspected case was found out,” he noted. 

Should Pakistan be worried?

It’s nice to hear that the detection kits have arrived in Pakistan and now Pakistan is able to diagnose the novel coronavirus. However, the danger isn’t over. Though not a single case has been detected, Pakistan still needs t stay on guard. The detection kits should be available at all hospitals, private or public and the people coming to get diagnosed should not be charged. The students in schools should be given guidelines as to how they should be cautious against the virus and what preventive measures they can take.


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