A Pakistani student who returned to Karachi from China was placed in isolation at a local hospital after possible symptoms of novel coronavirus.

According to Express Tribune, Shahzaib Rahujo, reached his village, Nangerji, near Khairpur Mirs, on Saturday night. “He was experiencing a headache, flu and cough on flight, but he took some medicine to relieve the symptoms and was able to reach the village safely”, his brother said.

He further said that his brother was screened for Coronavirus at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi and though he cleared the screening, his brother had fever, flu, cough and fatigue when he got home. On Monday, when Rahujo’s nose started bleeding, he was immediately taken to Civil Hospital, Khairpur. Health officials there instructed his family to shift him to Karachi right away, since they did not have adequate facilities at the hospital. They were however, sent back to the civil hospital again and Rahujo was put in a dengue ward.

Doctors told the family that the patient could not be moved anywhere because ‘the minister’ wanted him to stay in isolation till completion of his tests. “But there is no doctor and we are not being treated properly,” Ali complained.

Neither the patient nor his attendants were given any respiratory masks or precautionary instructions during their visit and stay at the hospital.

Can Pakistan treat coronavirus?

Though there is no cure for coronavirus, but treatment can be still done. However, seeing the first case and the neglect the first patient is facing, the virus will only spread in Pakistan and people will die. Doctors will have to treat patients and not be scared. The government has to take strict measures to ensure that the patients get the medical treatment they’re due.


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