A rickshaw driver hired to provide pick-and-drop services to a schoolgirl allegedly raped her on the way home in the city’s Tatle Ali area, police confirmed on Monday, adding that the suspect had been arrested.

According to police, the alleged child molester confessed to raping the six-year-old.On the other hand, a man selling baby chicks on a cycle attempted to sexually assault a 14-year-old girl after breaking into her home in Santpura, police said. He, too, was arrested. Neighbours caught the man red-handed and handed him over to authorities when the teen cried for help, police said. 

Both cases are being investigated separately, police confirmed.

Why is child abuse so rampant in Pakistan?

Child Abuse is unfortunately a common occurrence in Pakistan which tries to cover itself under the guise of religion but it is shocking and sad that pedophilia or child abuse is rampant in Pakistani society. The infamous Zainab case in Kasur and the Kasur child abuse scandal are just two infamous incidents which present a very crucial picture of the disease that is plaguing our society and government officials and other important persons fail to address this issue and even if they do, it is too late and the cycle 


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