A doctor of Tehsil Headquarters Hospital in Jhang beat up one of the nurses for not allowing him to take pictures of her. An FIR has been registered against the doctor for the attack.

In her complaint, the nurse said that the doctor entered the nursing room at night when she was on duty and asked her to accompany him on rounds. She added that when she paused to collect medical files for the rounds, the doctor started taking pictures of her. When she tried to stop him from taking her pictures, he started beating and slapping her.

Why is assault on women so common?

Usually many would say that it’s ignorance, and blame the violence on women in Pakistan on the lack of education. But this is a doctor who we’re talking about. A man who’s spent more than half of his life studying. The answer is patriarchy and the image of a women in a society like Pakistan. A women, here is seen as the weaker sex. She’s seen as a property which is owned by men. The misogyny deeply rooted in Pakistan has normalised such assault on women.


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