The forbidden treachery, the disgrace, the quixotic visionary, and the disappointment is what a university dropout is commonly referred to as.

From phuppos murmuring how useless you are to uncles giving you life advice in hopes to knock some sense into you, even the idea of dropping out of university is forbidden. And to actually drop out is a sin like no other.

But why would someone drop out? What is waiting for them outside of university that isn’t inside. Well, a path. A path that a person chooses for himself.

For writers, directors, actors, and creatives there is very little to learn from lectures and assignments, for them the journey begins outside university. Creatives always require a more open field to create. So the real struggle starts after they are done with their degree; but they don’t have to struggle with a degree at all. The problem is, we’ve been taught that the difficult path is always rewarding, but we all have different difficulty levels, and not everyone gets through those highly rewarding difficult paths. You can never win from a boxer that’s out of your weight division, but you can be a champion on your own.

When you are someone who creates, studying the interior of something already made is agonizing.

And so if you’re a creative, and if you’ve dropped out, brace for impact because you will be judged, and criticized. They will say you’re not serious, you’re distracted, you’re irresponsible and even that you’re a failure. But criticism is part of the journey, the slurs and judgements are what make you rigid and devoted to prove them wrong. If you believe in yourself then that should be enough.

So if you know yourself, and you believe in yourself. And you believe that years from now, when you look back, regardless of what the result is, atleast you’d know that the decision you made was for your own peace. And that you believed in yourself, completely. And that will give you peace then.

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