As many as 2,093 cases of human rights violations were reported to the police between Jan 31, 2019 and Jan 31, 2020 and 2,115 suspects were arrested, police data shared with the media recently said.

It said that 735 of the cases had been chargesheeted, 863 under investigation and 749 cases were being heard by courts. These human rights violations cases pertained to so-called honour killings, kidnappings of females, sexual assaults, workplace harassment, forced labour, underage marriages, acid attacks, stove-burning incidents, torture of minorities and hurting the religious sentiments, etc.

When will Pakistan be free of honor killings?

According to the police data, as many as 108 women fell victims to the so-called ‘honour-killings’ in Sindh in the past one year.Total 126 suspects allegedly involved in these crimes were arrested, police filed charge sheets in 81 cases, 32 were still under investigation and 73 were being heard by courts. Three of the cases were cancelled. During the said period, total 1,158 cases of girls’ marriages/kidnappings were reported to the police across Sindh in which 550 suspects got arrested, challans of 301 cases filed in courts, 466 cases were still under investigation while 358 cases were being heard by courts.


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