You can’t go out changing the world when your own house is on fire.

In recent events, Shireen Mazari has been called out by the international lobby on her credibility when speaking about human rights issues. Most recently, the foreign office hit back at Human Rights Minister Shireen Mazari this past Thursday, after the latter claimed that the foreign minister had little to highlight at the International Forum about the Kashmir Issue.

Mazari had questioned the performance of the Foreign Office during a National Assembly session, wherein she endorsed the view of an opposition member that the Foreign Office has ‘narrow vision’.

But it is widely felt that Shireen Mazari is not the best critic when it comes human rights violations – a fact which was highlighted in an interview with Mehdi Hassan, a popular political host for Al-Jazeera TV.

Mazari was confronted about the skeletons she kept in her closet.

Amongst the series of accusations that were thrown at Mazari, the few that got under her skin were that of Balochistan, where Mehdi was comparing the accusations of India about Pakistan’s role in Balochistan and her accusations on India about their role in IOK. Shireen was struggling to articulate an argument against Mehdi’s claims.

Watch the full episode here

In the past, Shireen Mazari has been accused of many other human rights violations regarding Balochistan: the abduction and torturing reported by VBMP (Voice of Balochistan Missing Persons); not making public statements against the Muslims being isolated and tortured in China; The Financial Action Task Force (FTF) also accused Pakistan several times on cutting down on money laundering and on not revoking financial funding for terrorist groups.

Shireen Mazari’s diplomatic remarks and answers have not just frustrated the international federations but have also frustrated the foreign office.

It is as though Shireen has forgotten her own imbroglios and expects everyone to forget with her. She has been constantly mocked for not commenting on the Uyghur cultural genocide on muslims.

It seems as though Shireen Mazari has lost all credibility of speaking against any human rights violation, and it seems she would now finally have to deal with her own hauntings before pointing fingers at other authorities.


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