From buying roses for your lover to taking them out to a fancy dinner, we tend to spend excessive amounts of money on the people we love because we want to show that we love them and nothing else matters.

But how much do we spend exactly?

Well, we spend a lot. On average more than half of all consumers celebrate by buying something, spending an average of PKR 15,000 on flowers, jewellery, candy, clothes and other gifts, and if it is followed by dinner then the expenses go even higher.

And the figures are even worse on a global level in total the holiday spending is projected to hit a record high of $20.7 billion in 2020.

The average amount spent on a dinner date in Pakistan is at least PKR 8,000 and around the globe is $48.9 which in Pakistani currency rounds up to the same expense.

Dating is always expensive but how expensive are we talking?

So on average, the total expense of a date is $70.32 per couple which is around PKR 11,000 pakistani rupees. Which immediately excluded everyone except the 1% and the upper middle class.

Where do people spend their money?

36% of people make purchases at the department store, 32% spend money at discount and online stores, while specialty stores receive 19%, florists 17%, local small businesses 15% and clothing stores and jewellery 11% each.

Who do their spend their money on?

52% of consumers allocate their Valentine spending to their significant others, 7% on their coworkers and 6% on their pets. 

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