In 2019, the wildlife department filed a complaint against the Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada after a video floated on social media in which she admitted to keeping reptiles in her home for the past five years. The department’s complaint stated that Pirzada was in violation of the law by keeping a crocodile and python at her house and salon.

What was the court’s verdict?

Rabi Pirzada was acquitted by a judicial magistrate at Model Town courts on Thursday. The singer’s counsel, Hassan Khalid Ranjha, had filed an acquittal application in the case. Ranjha argues that the singer had not committed any violation but the wildlife department implicated her in a fake case due to personal vendetta. Pirzada was also present at the court.

Magistrate Haris Siddiqui allowed the application and acquitted the petitioner. Talking to the media after her acquittal, Pirzada said she was ready to work for the protection of wildlife, in collaboration with the department.