So as the sun of Valentine’s rises, so do rise the most horrid and the most wholesome Valentine’s commercials.

On this Valentine’s, lets go through all the cringe-worthy, cheesy and cute commercials that are on the network.

The Worst Valentines Day Specials

The Current x Bahria Town

So a news report and fact check about a monument may not be the best thing to watch on Valentine’s day. And neither is watching the random awkward interviews that were shortly followed by the Valentine’s Day documentary.

We wish if a couple is to stumble upon something on the internet today, it’s not this.

Mangobaaz x 7up

Now we don’t want to be the judge of anything, but where is the love here exactly? And who walks to a biryani restaurant with their own 7UP. MangoBaaz is known for its humorous videos, but we felt this one to be a bit lacklustre.

And although it was romantic to see the earlier couple ditching their friends for their baes but everything after was just an unrealistic Bollywood influenced marketing oriented cringe-fest!

And then there is this gem

Because dating app reviews are also not a comfy bed for Valentine’s Day either. I mean why would anyone watch app reviews on Valentine’s Day anyway.

On the flip side, there are these nice wholesome commercials that just make your heart sink

Its always romantic to see something mesmerizing with someone you love. That’s why the cliche of holding hands under a sky full of star and a full moon exist. And how far can we go for love? What’s the limit? These are questions that help us measure our love for someone.

And by loved one we don’t just mean your spouse or lover. Love exists in more places than you can think. And that’s why this wholesome commercial has our heart.

Truly a love story like no other. Nothing better than to see love in its purest form. This one really won us over.

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